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Local News

NORCOR Measures Failing By Narrow Margin

Voters in three of four counties were in favor of giving the Northern Oregon Corrections Facility a permanent tax rate of 26 cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed property value for operations, but the margin in Wasco County has been enough to leave the measure trailing by a handful of votes.  Updated unofficial results Wednesday had the NORCOR measure failing, 4,153 to 4,098.  Review of ballots that have been challenged will be taking place, and the vote doesn’t have to be certified until June 5.  Voters in Hood River, Sherman, and Gilliam counties all had approval rates of 53 to 59 percent.  But in Wasco County the measure was rejected just about 55 percent of voters, and that was enough to tilt the overall count.  The proposed tax rate mirrored the bond measure voters approved in 1997 to build the regional jail.  That came off the tax rolls in September 2016.


Voters Change CGCC Board

The makeup of the Columbia Gorge Community College Board of Education will undergo a substantial change, as Wasco County voters decided to elect four new members to the board, with three long-time members of the panel failing in re-election bids.  Dana Campbell won position two by a count of 1,779 to 1,478 over James Willcox, who had been on the CGCC board for over 30 years.  Kim Morgan was elected to position five by a margin of 1,786 to 1,475 over Ernie Keller, who had been on the board since 2001, as has Charleen Cobb, who was unseated from position seven by Kevin McCabe 1,623 to 1,469.  Sarah Segal won position one with 1,158 votes to Richard (Monty) Wilcox’s 1,025 and J. Carmen Gamez with 963.  Gamez had recently been appointed to fill a vacancy on the board.

Close Races In Hood River County

There is at least one race in Hood River County that could go to a recount, with a few others close enough to make it possible.  The closest is for position two on the Port of Hood River board, with John Everitt receiving 1,169 votes and Svea Truax 1,167, while Jeffrey Helfrich tallied 300.


Another close enough where it could be affected by ballots under review is for Hood River County School District Board position two, with challenger Benjamin Sheppard leading incumbent David Russo 322 to 316.


The Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District vote also had a narrow margin for the second available seat.  Anna Cavaleri has topped a crowded field of nine candidates with 1,212 votes, with Nan Noteboom holding the second spot at 923 and Nick Kraemer a dozen votes behind with 911.  Matt Rutledge was next with 621, Jim Klaas 523, Greg Davis 486, Steve King 262, Will Smith 215, and Steven Hawley 209.


There was a similar situation for a Hood River County Transportation District seat, where six candidates were trying for four seats.  Mark Reynolds topped the vote-getters in the race for four Hood River County Transportation District board positions with 2,099 votes, while Marbe Cook polled 1,684, Leanne Hogie 1,629, and Effie Mooney leading for the final seat with 1,001.  Jake Bolland tallied 993 and Otto Behrmann 924.


A familiar local governmental figure grabbed one of the open Port of Hood River Commission seats.  Former Hood River County Administrator David Meriwether took position three with 1,629 votes, while Kristi Chapman received 700, Laurie Balmuth 312, and Robert Bart 119.  Ben Sheppard took position one with 1,614 votes to Anna Williams with 808 and Brian Carlstrom with 605.


Two incumbents are retaining their Hood River County School Board seats.  Rich Truax was re-elected to the at-large seat by 1,738 to 910 margin over Brian Hardy, and Corinda Hankins-Elliott retains position three over Jo Smith 296 to 173.


Three were elected to the Hood River County Library District board, with Sara Marsden receiving 1,652 votes, Megan Janik 1,591, Karen Bureker 1,363, and Brian Hackett 1,236.


Dean Bump took position three on the Port of Cascade Locks Commission with 176 votes to 94 for Sally Drew, while Jess Groves won position five with 144 votes to 135 for David Lipps.


With two seats available on the Crystal Springs Water District board Eric Cedarstam tallied 428 votes and Antonio Baptista 395, with Bill Munk receiving 375.

Close Port Of TD Vote On Wasco County Ballot

It is a close race for position one on the Port of The Dalles Commission, with Robert Wallace receiving 1,327 votes to 1,314 for Dawn Rasmussen.  Annette Byers was elected to position five on the North Wasco County Parks and Recreation District panel with 1,481 votes to 694 for Daniel Polehn.        Position two on the Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue District board goes to Kathy Schwartz with 1,467 votes to John Willer’s 1,167, while David Jacobs won a three-way race for position four with 1,100 votes to 650 for Crystal Dodge and 631 for Cyndi Vipperman.  Todd Reeves won position one on the Mosier Fire Board with 166 votes to 41 for Craig Dorsay.

May 16 Prep Sports Roundup


The Dalles used a strong final round to finish second at the Oregon Class 5A Boys Golf Tournament at Quail Valley  Golf Course in Banks.   The Riverhawks finished 25 shots back of team champion Summit.  The Riverhawks’ Chase Snodgrass shot a second round 77 to finish in third place individually, seven back of medalist Issac Buerger of Ridgeview.  The Dalles’ Tyler Vassar finished tied for ninth.


Ian Walker of Horizon Christian improved by 19 shots from round one to round two to finish 46th at the Oregon Class 3A/2A/1A Boys Golf Tournament at Eagle Crest.


Two Goldendale golfers advanced to the Washington Class 1A Boys Golf Tournament during the SCAC District tourney at Mt. Adams Country Club.  Andrew Gerchak finished second and Luke Gerchak eighth, and will compete at State at Sun Willows in Pasco next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Goldendale’s Emily Hurst finished in a tie for fifth in the girls’ district tournament, and will play in the state tourney at Horn Rapids in Richland next week.


Washington Class 1A Boys Soccer Tournament

First Round

Seattle Christian 1, Columbia 0



Two Goldendale doubles teams have advanced to from the SCAC West sub-district tournament into district competition on Friday in Connell.  Ignacio Cano and Edgar Vega were second in boys’ doubles at sub-district, while Talia Johnson and Kelli Bighorn were fourth in girls’ doubles.



Oregon Class 2A/1A District 6 Playoff:   Sherman 4, Culver 3…Sherman advances to the final day of the district tournament on Saturday in Pendleton.

Cleveland 4, The Dalles 1:  The Dalles will be at Putnam for a Class 5-A Play-In game on Friday at 5 p.m.


Hillsboro 17, The Dalles 12

Hood River County Election Results (counting complete, results unofficial until certified)

Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation Dist. Board (vote for 2)

Anna Cavaleri…1,212

Nan Noteboom…923

Nick Kraemer…911
Matt Rutledge…621

Jim Klaas…523

Greg Davis…486

Steve King…262

Will Smith…215

Steven Hawley…209


Port of Hood River Pos. 1

Ben Sheppard…1,614

Anna Williams…808

Brian Carlstrom…605


Port of Hood River Pos. 2

John Everitt…1,169

Svea Truax…1,167

Jeffrey Helfrich…300


Port of Hood River Pos. 3

David Meriwether…1,629

Kristi Chapman…700

Laurie Balmuth…312

Robert Bart…119


Hood River County School District Board At Large

Rich Truax…1,738

Brian Hardy…910


Hood River County School District Board Pos. 2

Benjamin Sheppard…322

David Russo…316


Hood River County School District Board Pos. 3

Corinda Hankins-Elliott…296

Jo Smith…173



Hood River County Transportation Dist. (vote for 4)


Mark Reynolds…2,099

Marbe Cook…1,684

Leanne Hogie…1,629

Effie Mooney…1,001

Jake Bolland…993

Otto Behrmann…924


Hood River County Library Dist. (vote for 3)

Sara Marsden…1,652

Megan Janik…1,591

Karen Bureker…1,363

Brian Hackett…1,236


Port of Cascade Locks Pos. 3

Dean Bump…176

Sally Drew…94


Port of Cascade Locks Pos. 5

Jess Groves…144

David Lipps…135


Crystal Springs Water District (vote for 2)

Eric Cedarstam…428

Antonio Baptista…395

Bill Munk…373

Wasco County Election Results (counting complete, results unofficial until certified)

Columbia Gorge CC Board Pos. 1

Sarah Segal…1,158

Richard (Monty) Wilcox…1,025

Carmen (Carmelo) Gamez…963


Columbia Gorge CC Board Pos. 2

Dana Campbell…1,779

James Willcox…1,478


Columbia Gorge CC Board Pos. 5

Kim Morgan…1,786

Ernie Keller…1,475


Columbia Gorge CC Board Pos. 7

Kevin McCabe…1,623

Charleen Cobb…1,469



Port of The Dalles Pos. 1

Robert Wallace…1,327

Dawn Rasmussen…1,314


Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue Board Pos. 2

Kathy Schwartz…1,467

John Willer…1,167


Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue Board Pos. 4

David Jacobs…1,100

Crystal Dodge…650

Cyndi Vipperman…631


North Wasco County Parks and Recreation Pos. 5

Annette Byers…1,481

Daniel Polehn…694


Mosier Fire Board Pos. 1

Todd Reeves…166

Craig Dorsay…41


Moro Rural Fire Protection District Pos. 3

Pat Bird…46

Curtis Mason…11

Ballots Due In By 8 p.m.

Ballots must be returned to County election offices or designated drop boxes by 8 p.m. Tuesday evening in the special districts election in Oregon.  The ballot in the region is topped by NORCOR’s request for a permanent tax rate of 26-cents-per-thousand dollars of assessed property value to help fund operations of the regional jail for Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, and Gilliam counties.  That rate matches what taxpayers paid after passing the bond measure to build the jail, and just came off the tax rolls.  There are numerous positions for special district boards on the ballot, particularly in Hood River and Wasco counties.  The latest reported ballot return rates are right around 21 to 22 percent in both Hood River and Wasco counties.  Ballots must be turned in by 8 p.m. in Hood River County at the County Administration Building or Cascade Locks City Hall, and in Wasco County at the County Courthouse or Maupin City Hall.  Election officials remind voters to be sure to follow instructions for signing their ballot, and don’t put their ballots in the mailbox at this point.

HR County Picks Two Projects For Tucker Road Realignment Effort

Hood River County Commissioners have decided to tell the Oregon Department of Transportation to go ahead with re-alignment of Tucker Road at the Country Club and Guignard Drive intersections, and not do the work at Nobi’s Corner.  Commission Chair Ron Rivers says they made the decision after a long discussion, adding it was a change from an earlier lean to have the Nobi’s Corner work done, but they decided with Tucker Road at that location being a state highway, therefore its work should be a state issue, and these other two projects are beyond the highway designation.  The County was forced to make a choice between the projects when they were informed by the state a new Environmental Protection Agency rule on soil testing would significantly increase the County’s share of the costs to do all three of the projects, which were approved for state funding.