Bingen & White Salmon Councils To Talk About Combining

The City Councils of Bingen and White Salmon will meet on May 31 to discuss the pros and cons of combining the two cities into one.  The mayors of both cities have been discussing the possibility behind the scenes for a number of months, and talked to Councilors about it this week.  White Salmon Mayor David Poucher points out the two cities already operate a number of essential services together, and this is a good time to discuss the issue.  Bingen Mayor Betty Barnes had similar thoughts, but adds there is a long way to go before any decision is made.  The two Councils will meet on May 31 at 6 p.m. at a location to be finalized.  The public will be welcome to attend, but no comment will be taken.  Both Poucher and Barnes said there would be public hearings at a later date should the two Council agree to move forward, and any combination would be have to be approved by voters of both cities.  The two cities could consolidate into one, or one city could annex the other.