HR Council Looks At Short-Term Building Code Steps

Hood River city officials looked at three potential short-term steps to help with improving building code administration.  A number of area builders have expressed dissatisfaction with Clair Company of Corvallis, which is contracted to provide the City’s building code services through the end of next year.  City Manager Steve Wheeler says one would be to have the company hold an interactive talk with the local building community to go over what is necessary to have a complete application done.  A second is to enhance telecommunications between local uses and Corvallis, with Wheeler adding the City would be willing to put some money into that.  Another step would be to have the company’s code consulting services manager in Hood River twice a week instead of once a week.  Wheeler added he is recommending when the City prepares to seek bids for a new contract during 2019 to be very specific has to what it is looking for from whoever is selected.