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HR Council Moves Toward Lowering In-Lieu Of Parking Fee Downtown

The Hood River City Council has decided to lower the in-lieu of parking fee for residential development in the Central Business District to the same level as for commercial and industrial development.  Councilors are asking staff to bring back a resolution and develop a formula that would bring the residential fee down from the current $20,000 per unprovided parking space to the just over $1,000 that it is for other uses.  Key Development had made a request for a reduction to $100 as it considers a market rate apartment complex downtown.  Mayor Paul Blackburn says the Council isn’t taking the fee down that far, but he notes housing is a far bigger issue now than when the in-lieu of parking fee schedule was set up, and the current fee discourages apartment development downtown.  Blackburn says they don’t want a proliferation of construction without parking provided, so the intent is to structure a fee formula where it is expensive if a certain level of parking is not provided.