NORCOR Measures Failing By Narrow Margin

Voters in three of four counties were in favor of giving the Northern Oregon Corrections Facility a permanent tax rate of 26 cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed property value for operations, but the margin in Wasco County has been enough to leave the measure trailing by a handful of votes.  Updated unofficial results Wednesday had the NORCOR measure failing, 4,153 to 4,098.  Review of ballots that have been challenged will be taking place, and the vote doesn’t have to be certified until June 5.  Voters in Hood River, Sherman, and Gilliam counties all had approval rates of 53 to 59 percent.  But in Wasco County the measure was rejected just about 55 percent of voters, and that was enough to tilt the overall count.  The proposed tax rate mirrored the bond measure voters approved in 1997 to build the regional jail.  That came off the tax rolls in September 2016.