Oregon and Washington Legislative Races

In a race that bounced back and forth…incumbent Republican Chuck Thomsen has narrowly held off  lead over Democratic challenger Chrissy Reitz in Oregon State Senate District 26.  Thomsen had polled 27,656 votes to 27,057 for Reitz…with Thomsen holding an advantage of 3,355 votes in Clackamas County…where over half of the ballots are cast in the district.  In Oregon State Senate District 30…Republican Cliff Bentz retained his seat with 72 percent of the vote over Democrat Solea Kabokov.  Anna Williams used a nearly two-to-one margin in Hood River County to lead Jeff Helfrich for the Oregon House District 52 seat.  Williams…a Democrat…has polled 15,283 votes to 14,419 for Helfrich…who had been appointed to the position one year ago.  In the House District 59…Republican Daniel Bonham received just under 62 percent of the vote to maintain his position by over six-thousand votes against Democratic challenger Darcy Long-Curtiss.  In Washington House District 14…it was the two Republicans winning election.  Chris Corry had received just over 61 percent of the vote for position one over Democratic challenger Sasha Bentley.  And incumbent Gina Mosbrucker is retaining her position two seat…receiving just under 64 percent to hold off challenger Liz Hallock.