Port of TD Look At Value-Added Ag Finds Need For Meat Cutting

The Port of The Dalles has been has been looking at opportunities for value-added agriculture business that might not currently be filled in the region, and one answer comes as a bit of a surprise.  Executive Director Andrea Klaas says the Port’s current planner through the University of Oregon’s Resource Assistance for Rural Environments, Bayoan Ware, has found custom meat packing is a need, as specialty meat producers can wait for over a year to get their meat cut at a U.S. Department of Agriculture certified facility in central Oregon.  Klaas notes the meat packers are indicating one of the problems they have is a lack of qualified meat cutters, and that’s an impediment to expansion.  She says they plan to convene a focus group to discuss what can be done to meet the deman.  Klaas says they also plan to talk with tree fruit and berry industry representatives to discuss value-added product production in those sectors.