Most Suppression Repair Work Done At Eagle Creek Fire

Firefighters have now completed most of the suppression repair work on the Eagle Creek Fire.  A cold front that has moved into the area bringing cooler temperatures and rain has further reduced the potential for any significant fire activity.  The wildfire is listed at 50 percent contained where the majority of containment lines are near communities, infrastructure and along road systems.   The uncontained portion of the fire is in steep, inaccessible terrain and fire managers do not anticipate the wildfire will spread in these areas.  Residents and visitors may see visible smoke coming from the fire area, but the heat is well within established containment lines.  In some areas much of the vegetation and root systems that stabilize rocks, logs and ultimately entire hillsides have been consumed by fire.   As a result, standing dead trees, large diameter logs and rolling rocks will continue falling onto roads and trails, and rockslides and landslides are also a threat especially after heavy rainfall.  An area closure will limit access to some recreation sites and roads for the foreseeable future.